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Dropbox Paper adds new features improving the experience from the mobile

Dropbox Paper adds new features
Dropbox Paper adds new features

Dropbox Paper has received a series of new features in its latest update, which iimprovesthe experience from the mobile.

For example, a new editor was added, which facilitates access to all the tools we need to create and edit documents from the mobile, without complicating ourselves with too many options.

There have also been added some interesting features that were only available in the desktop version, such as the creation of task lists within a document.

On the other hand, those who use Dropbox Paper from the iPad, will find a new design, with a better navigation panel, better organized functions and taking advantage of the full potential of the device.

A plus that is added to this update is the integration of the Microsoft Outlook calendar, making it easier for users who use this service to create and manage work events.

Follow the same dynamic that has already been implemented with Google Calendar. Once the corresponding permissions are given, they can create meetings minutes and automatically share them with the attendees added from Outlook.

You can also link events created from the Outlook calendar with Dropbox Paper, and in that way, the app will show you the documents associated with the scheduled event.

An interesting update of Paper, that little by little, is becoming an interesting option for collaborative works.

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