A collection with the original logos of companies like Google, Amazon or Twitter


Startup Logo Archive

If you dedicate yourselves to the world of design or if you are simply attracted by the business world, it is likely that you have once wondered what were the logos with which the most well-known companies began their trajectory today. For this reason we have been struck by the Startup Logo Archive , an online gallery that collects the original logos of companies such as Google, Amazon or Twitter , among many others.

As you can see, the website we are talking about is the simplest. In fact, only it is a gallery where we can whet scroll to consult the original logos of all types of businesses and startups different. In addition to showing us the original logo, the website also indicates the year in which the company began its trajectory, which allows us to get an idea of its evolution.

In particular, Startup Logo Archive has the original logos of companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft or Instagram, whose current logos hardly remind us of the originals. In turn, those of companies such as PayPal or eBay have barely changed , and at a glance we can see that they retain the essence of the original logos.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting resource. Although for the moment there are many logos of famous companies, the idea is to expand the collection with the passage of time. If you have noticed, you can take a look through the following link to the Startup Logo Archive website .

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