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Change the look of your Windows 10 PC with The Best Free Windows Themes

Windows 10 has become very popular now. Each new laptop has Windows 10 installed. But do you know that most users do not change the background of their PC desktop.

If you are not sure, take a look at just a few people’s laptops the next time you’re at the coffee shop or the airport.

When there are many themes available for Windows 10, why not make your PC more interesting than a total theme? So, today’s 10 best Windows 10 themes for your desktop are giving the list.

Windows 10 Themes provide a quick way to customize your PC, which includes desktop backgrounds, pictures, menu colors, and sometimes unique system sounds.

1) Mac OS X El Capitan:

Mac OS X Capitan -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Your Windows 10 PC looks like a Mac OS X with this cool theme which will give you great experiences like Mac Desktop which you can use in your windows. Its App Drawer and many more are similar to Mac OS X.

Download: Mac OS X El Capitan

2) Hover Dark Aero Theme:

Hover Dark Aero Theme -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

It is believed that there is not much difference between a dark theme and a black theme. However, Hover Dark Aero Theme uses more black and less gray than other themes.

Before using this theme, you will need to install UXThemePatcher for Windows 10 . Once you install it on your PC, get the DeviantArt theme.

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Once downloaded, move the contents of this theme folder into% windir% / Resources / Themes. You can apply this theme to your system from Settings app.

डाउनलोड: Hover Dark Aero Theme

3) Ubuntu SkinPack:

Hover Dark Aero Theme -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

This cool theme looks completely your Windows UI and gives you the experience of using the Ubuntu operating system on your Windows 10. One of the best themes for Windows 10, most of the features of this software can be customized, such as color themes, keyboard shortcuts. Ubuntu Skin Pack refreshes your Windows interface with some great appeal.

Download: Ubuntu SkinPack

4) Vanilla:

Vanilla -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Another beautiful, clear and straightforward theme with clouds and a blue sky in the background. It provides a total interface that looks like any cloud service. This theme is borderless because there is no limit to defining the sides and edges of the line drawn by the ruler. It changes the overall look of your operating system and makes its look beautiful

Download: Vanilla

5) Ades:

Ades -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Ades Dark Theme is one of the most Osamous Windows 10 Dark Themes. It is not completely dark but is a mixture of gray color and some are light or dark colors. But still, it is good to get rid of the eyeballs and enjoyable for the eyes. The theme contains a mixture of soft blue, green and gray color combinations in different parts of the screen.

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Download: Ades

6) StartIsBack:

StartIsBack-Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Our next best Windows 10 theme is StartIsBack. If you are feeling the lack of Windows 7, this theme is best for you. StartIsBack theme that can give you the chance to enjoy the look of Windows 7 in Windows 10. This is a great theme. You should try it once

Download: StartIsBack

7) Flattastic:

Flattastic-Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

It is one of the top and best themes in which the least visible look is, but it will look great when used on your Windows 10 computer. This theme has sixteen editions, 8 versions of Flattastic Light theme and 8 versions of Flattastic Dark theme.

Download: Flattastic

8) Simplify 10:

Simplify 10 -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Simplify 10 Light is actually a pack of Windows 10 themes. It flats the Windows interface as much as possible, depending on the subtle variations in gray and white to isolate the different parts of the UI. It also customizes the window control button, which may or may not be according to your preference.

Download: Simplify 10

9) Yosemite Black and Light Theme For Windows 10:

Yosemite Black and Light Theme -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

This is the perfect combinations of light and dark colors, so this theme is not completely dark. This is perfect for those people who like dark themes.

Download: Yosemite Black and Light Theme For Windows 10

10) Void:

Void -Best Windows 10 Themes Hindi

Although its name is Void but this theme is Perfect Dark Theme for Windows 10. This coral is the perfect dark look with combinations of red, gray and black color. All Windows looks very beautiful and clean.

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