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So you can Order new series in Netflix

Order new series in Netflix
Order new series in Netflix

Netflix’s content-rich platform continues to lead the way in competing for top digital sites to watch thousands of shows and movies today. This application renews and cancels some series of its catalog from time to time, resulting in an updated site with the best of the best. As we met a couple of weeks ago, this entertainment tool produced part of its content thanks to the recommendations of thousands of users , but do you know how they have done it?

In case you do not know, this application gives users the possibility of having a section exclusively to issue recommendations to produce new series. In other words, it allows hundreds of people to express their tastes by sending ideas for the platform to create a title based on them. Then you will know how to do this action.

Ask for new series on Netflix in the simplest way possible

Order new series in Netflix
Order new series in Netflix

Surely you think that to carry this action out you have to pay some amount of money or have a good time filling several sheets, but none of this will be necessary. All you have to do is access this official site that Netflix makes available for us to send 3 suggestions .

We will only have 3 options to write our recommendations , so you have to think very well what you are going to send to the platform of this application. After performing this step, you can send your suggestions and Netflix will take care of the rest. Then, after a while, this specialist to offer content via streaming will send information by email and social networks on the new titles to be mounted to the company’s boat.

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Also, it is important that you know that the more requests for a title exist, the greater the chances that your wishes will come true. Although equally, the case may arise that a film or series is not transmitted due to lack of dubbing or legal issues.

Do you see that it is too simple? The process will not take you more than a couple of minutes. Just think each title very well and send your wishes to the king of streaming.

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