Bitcoin enters futures markets

Bitcoin enters futures markets
Bitcoin enters futures markets

A futures contract is a contract that requires the parties to buy or sell something at a future date with a price established in advance. The objective of these contracts is to protect from the price oscillation, so that if it is established that within a year I will buy so many dollars at such a price, for example, I guarantee a stability that will allow me to program better.

Now it is the bitcoin that is about to gain recognition in this area since they are making the first exchanges of products with their name in a financial market.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), one of the trading platforms of future US contracts, will start operations with bitcoins, so that it will be possible to predict at what price the bitcoin will be purchased at a time and, therefore, to bet on its evolution.

Bob Fitzsimmons, director of future contracts at Wedbush Securities, said something like this is like seeing Uber’s first trip, a first step that can change the world’s concept of Bitcoin. From now on it is recognized that bitcoin is an asset like any other (dollar, euro, oil, gas, etc.) and that it can be changed, as Nick Colas, a specialist in Data Trek Research, says in g1 .

After three hours of the premiere, the virtual currency was up 9% and changed to $ 16,900, a new record.

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