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The best weapons to win in PUBG Mobile

Best weapons of PUBG Mobile
Best weapons of PUBG Mobile

I’m really a fan of PUBG Mobile for hundreds of reasons. But, if you give me to choose one of the best points, I would say that the weapons section is one of the most outstanding of this Battle Royale title. For this reason, I have prepared a list of the best weapons to be the first in each game.

The realistic aspect of PUBG Mobile on the issue of weapons is very good. So much the sounds, as the accessories and design of the same ones is very realistic and thanks to it we can enjoy many options, although there are some of them that have better characteristics. Here we have the top 5 weapons in the game.


AKM arms PUBG Mobile

Assembles the 7.62 caliber model and is one of the most common in the game. Its power and available accessories place it as an excellent option to complete the entire game. Accepts all kinds of sight, allows muffler, flame arrester, and even extended charger to have 40 bullets available in a single charger.

The AKM is a light assault rifle perfect for forested areas, as well as for coastal areas(with an x4 and x8 scope) and also for areas with buildings and houses. From high areas, it is perfect if you have good aim, so you can practice being a good distance shooter using the function of a single shot.

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M416 arms PUBG Mobile

Of caliber 5.56, it is an improved version of the M4 carbine that shows good changes. Sure you have already seen or tried it in the game, and this is because it is a very good alternative that can be easily found if we batch a bit by several houses and places. Here I recommend adopting an x4 scope, a silencer, a quick charger and also expanded so you can get all the juice it has to offer.


Groza arms PUBG Mobile

Very difficult to find but with great precision and power to eliminate any enemy with a few shots. It also integrates the ammunition of caliber 7.62 and the sound of the shots is smaller than those of other weapons such as SCAR L.

Especially I like the sound that this weapon emits when I’m in mountains and wooded or arid areas (in the Miramar map), because even if I do not have a silencer I’m not as naked as with other weapons. Its accuracy is very good and also allows to receive various accessories and shooting modes.


M249 machine gun PUBG Mobile
M249 machine gun PUBG Mobile

If you want a light machine gun with great power, the M249 is the best alternative for you. With hundreds of ammunition, you can recharge it to have as many bullets available in a magazine. Thanks to this, you can disperse an attack with a large number of shots, at the same time that you can adjust the shooting mode to have more accuracy with a few shots at a player from near or far.

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AWM rifle PUBG Mobile
AWM rifle PUBG Mobile

It is the sniper rifle that has more power according to the data of the developer. Riding a .300 caliber, the AWM goes luxury in mountains and wooded and arid parts where you have a good vision. If you have good aim, you can shoot two or three times to knock out the other player. In this sense, you should take advantage of the full range possible and use it only when necessary, because you can be unprotected if you use it in areas where you should not.

The mobile game integrates another large number of weapons of all kinds: bows, melee weapons, pistols, sniper rifles, among others. Lotea a little and you can get the best for each game. And of course, do not forget to have good marksmanship.

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