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The best programming applications for Android and iOS

applications for learning programming
The best programming applications for Android and iOS
The programming skills in the present world seem to be one of those for gold. All you need to do is look at the current job market to see that there are still a lot of deficiencies and the job is looking for a man. And what do you say to start learning on your own, at home, using the small steps? Here is a set of applications that will help you in this.

Smartphones and tablets are not just gadgets to consume entertainment content. On the continual scrolling of social networking sites their role does not end – there are thousands of applications that will affect our productivity, or just let us learn something new. Today we have prepared for you a list of applications that will help you and your children to take their first steps in the programming world!

Encode: Learn to Code

Platforms: AndroidiOS

Encode: Learn to Code is an application prepared for iOS and Android users who want to learn about programming and coding. The application offers issues from Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and so it has been divided. Each category is completely different lessons and tasks that you can do. At the start, these are the assumptions of each language and basic concepts and commands. The whole is divided into several parts and is interwoven with exercises that refer to previous lessons. Everything has been described in a fairly transparent way in English. The basic issues of Python, JavaScript, as well as HTML and CMS refer to numbers, text strings, variables, images, creating forms, tables and graphical elements of modern websites.

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Platforms: Android , iOS


The Swift Playgrounds described by us  , or  Encode  are great tools for lay people who want to enter the world of computer programming and coding. But if we want something more, we need Enki, who every day prepares tasks and topics prepared specifically for our needs and expectations. Solving problems is a great way to expand your knowledge and consolidate information already acquired. This is the first application that does not start from scratch – and focuses on honing skills and serving everyday challenges, as well as regular curiosities. Something for everyone from the field of, among others JavaScript, Java or Python.

Khan Academy

Platforms: iOS , Android

Khan Academy

Unlike such tools as SoloLearn, Encode or Swift Playgrounds, Khan Academy does not find any specific coding courses for individual languages. Khan Academy, however, offers something that is at the core of programming or advanced mathematical courses. We can also find here guides related to cryptography, information theory, the Internet and how computers work. It seems to me that the knowledge provided by Khan Academy is a great complement to many IT issues. The materials offered by the application are both text theory and video lectures that we can slow down or speed up.



Platform: Android , iOS

Solo Learn

Solo Learn is a platform full of various courses that focus on various programming languages. We can choose from a dozen or so items (including C ++, Swift or Ruby) – and all bases start learning from scratch. SoloLearn also puts a lot of emphasis on the community, which can easily communicate with each other and help in case of doubts or problems encountered.

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Swift Playgrounds

Platform: iOS

Swift Playgrounds

Swift, a relatively young programming language used on iOS and macOS platforms, is becoming more and more popular among programmers. And as science is worth starting from an early age – it’s with unhidden pleasure that we serve you Swift Playgrounds, which is aimed at the youngest users. Pleasant interface, several levels of teaching, everything explained step by step. However, it is worth bearing in mind that, like other proposals in the statement – this one will also require English, but … maybe it is a great idea to combine business with pleasure?


Platform: Android, iOS

Second (and last) proposal addressed to the youngest hungry knowledge of programmers in this juxtaposition. The Tynker application is very pictorial and approaching the programming issue, willing to help you understand how it works. What’s more – all this is not just going on dry on the screen of the smartphone – but if the small programmers have access to interactive toys such as Sphero, Mambo, Ollie or WeDo 2.0 module for Lego blocks – they will be able to see the results of their work with their own eyes!


Platform: AndroidiOS


Udacity is a very popular platform for everyone who would like to learn the basics of programming. The creators prepared for all interested the whole package of courses, which thematic range is very positively surprised. The majority of thematic blocks have been divided into various levels, which will allow literally everyone to find their place. The developers promise that all the materials there are prepared in cooperation with the best in the industry – engineers and programmers who work on Google, Facebook or Amazon every day. The ground is to find the topics that interest us and … move on! Short materials and hundreds of exercises for anyone who would like to try their hand at the technology industry!

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That’s it for my favorites. Of course, there are many more programs on both the App Store and Google Play – that’s why if you did not like any of the above suggestions, do not give up – check Udemy, Coursera, Learn C + +, Lrn or  Trains Project. Maybe there you will find more inspiration, which will be able to convince you?

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