Bandwidth Hero extension for google chrome
Bandwidth Hero extension for google chrome

If you have ever had to surf from your computer sharing the data rate of your smartphone you will have realized how quickly we can consume the available megabytes. Today we talk about Bandwidth Hero, an extension that compresses all the images of any web page to save browsing data in this type of situation.

As stated by the creators of Bandwidth Hero, the extension we are talking about is capable of reducing the weight of images by up to 50-70%, which means an important saving of data. Available for Google Chrome and Firefox, the compression service of Bandwidth Hero is responsible for analyzing the original image, compress it and show us the image with the reduced weight without noticing a change in the quality of it.

In terms of its operation, the entire process is performed without any user intervention in the servers of the tool, so it will not affect our productivity interrupting our work rate. At this point it is interesting to note that Bandwidth Hero is a totally open-source tool, so we can check the source code of it through GitHub.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool for all those moments in which we may need to save data, such as when we connect to the Internet sharing the data of our mobile rate. You can check it out by downloading the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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