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Alternatives to Swype. The best mobile keyboard with text input gestures

Alternatives to Swype

I will not hide that I did not expect information about the completion of work on the Swype keyboard,  which appeared quite suddenly. In fact, the world only learned about it because intrigued users themselves asked the creators for what to do next. The answer came suddenly and, rather, did not please any product lover – because although it still works, the prospect of the lack of any new products can scare away. Fortunately, all these years there are quite a few interesting keyboards on the market that also offer a text input mode that never distinguishes Swype from the competition.

Although in my opinion, screening is not a more convenient alternative to entering text on touch panels as it did a few years ago, when there were just smaller, it still enjoys great popularity. The creators of Swype have made a huge contribution to popularizing this method – and the rest followed the blow. And if you do not plan to stop scribbling on the screen, and you’d rather bet on an app that’s still being developed, check out any of the alternatives below!

Gboard – Google keyboard

The answer to Swype can be Gboard

The first item on the list is perhaps the most obvious of the alternatives imaginable. The keyboard from Google in the first versions may and does not knock you down, but after many years is a great, refined product that abounds in a whole package of various options. Excellent dictionary, the ability to customize the appearance (and size) to your own vision, and besides, there is also a lack of possibility of smearing on the screen, as in old, good, Swype! In the settings, you can easily adjust the details related to it (eg showing the trace, removing gestures or controlling the cursor in this simplified way).

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Gboard is available on  Google Play and the  App Store for free.


You can convert Swype to SwiftKeyIt is difficult for me to imagine any combination with keyboards for mobile devices that would lack SwiftKey. This project was one of the first to offer some of the coolest dictionary predictions – and the creators have been going behind the scenes for years, offering their users more and more improvements and options. The screening function on the screen to enter text has also been available there for several years – and supported by their everyday writing dictionary learning our style of writing – turns out to be an incredible hit set that is difficult to change into any other!

The SwiftKey keyboard is available on Google Play and the  App Store for free.

TouchPal Keyboard

The TouchPal keyboard can replace Swype
The TouchPal keyboard is also a player known for over a decade on the market. And although the first versions resembled an ugly duckling, after many years we are talking about a completely different product that aspires to the highest shelf. The whole package of dictionaries (and local podsłowników ), hundreds of themes, and dozens of options that will allow us to customize the product to your own needs. By default, the Curve function is activated in the keyboard, which is the simple entry of the letters S’lape a’la. But for the more demanding ones, I recommend also look at the option and become interested in Wave, which, using gestures, will also allow you to enter whole sentences. Aesthetic, easy to use, with intelligent hints. That’s how it works!

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The TouchPal keyboard is available in  Google Play and the  App Store for free.

Go Keyboard

Use Go Keyboard if you do not want to use Swype anymore

Definitely a less known product, but it does not mean that you should pass by it indifferently. Go Keyboard is a very well developing keyboard, which the creators not only took care of the support of a whole range of languages but also gave us a whole package of tools through which we can personalize the keyboard – although there was also a store with ready skins. Added to this is the whole package of stickers, several emoji schemes and a set of settings that we can customize to your own whim. Unfortunately – after a few days of use, you can see that predicting the text compared to the stronger competition is slightly behind, but if none of the previous proposals appeals to you – give Go Keyboard a chance!

The Go keyboard is available on  Google Play and the  App Store for free.

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