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60 Tiny Things That Can Define What Is Love

60 Tiny Things That Define What Is Love … In A BIG Way

60 Tiny Things That Can Define What Is Love

What Is Love? A touch. A glance. A feeling.

People say you know it when you really feel it.

And while that is true, it is also frustrating as HELL.


I’ve been in love. I’ve been in love more than once, and I still do not know that I can answer that question: What is love?

No, no, no. Not that. Everyone knows “What Is Love” the track. Like for real: What the heck is actual love, anyway?

To me, love is so many different things that it is easy to lose your grip on its meaning. Love is a feeling in the pit of your stomach sure, but it’s also a choice. Love is a quickie within the bathroom or it is a 60-year marriage. Or it is both.

Love is so many things to so many different people.

I believed I’d try to write down what love is, and I do not know if I succeeded, however, I believe I got fairly close.

Love is …

1. … kicking down your walls.

2. … making yourself vulnerable.

3. … taking a flying leap.

4. … thinking about someone else’s needs.

5. … putting those needs above your own.

6. … is wishing you lived inside somebody’s head and heart.

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7. … holding in your farts.

8. … still being in love when you can’t maintain the farts in anymore.

9. … saying yes to the universe.

10. … going to his horrible office karaoke celebration.

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11. … the way in which your heart glows when he smiles.

12. … being able to lash out because you know he is not going anywhere.

13. … 3 a.m. dance parties in rural hotels.

14. … hurting when they hurt.

15. … trying stuff you always swore you’d never do.

16. … realizing how lost you’d be without them.

17. … saying good night every night regardless of where you are.

18. … when they let you sleep in even though they’re up with the sun.

19. … a cheesy disco party.

20. … a bomb of glitter that you simply by no means has to clean up.

21. … getting drunk off their skin.

22. … wanting to have their baby.

23. … bursting out laughing in the midst of silly fight.

24. … telling your entire secrets. Even THAT one.

25. … bringing your imaginary friend to life.

26. … a safe place to fall.

27. … calling one another out on shit that matters.

28. … letting the shit that doesn’t matter go.

29. … sharing a guilty pleasure.

30. … telling them about the scar on your shin.

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31. … electric.

32. … a battlefield.

33. … breakfast in bed and the Sunday paper.

34. … sitting together and saying absolutely nothing.

35. … not knowing if you are going to make it through this.

36. … making a promise you hope to God you can keep.

37. … a test.

38. … an honor.

39. … from heaven.

40. … from the outer space, a drug sent by aliens to keep us sexed up and stupid.

41. … the first time you had spaghetti.

42. … sitting together in the hospital waiting room.

43. … slamming the door and swearing you’ll never talk to him again.

44. … your heart flipping over when he texts you.

45. … laughing so hard you pee a little.

46. … all of a sudden turning into a cat person.

47. … nicknames.

48. … how your heart goes soft when you see his face right when he wakes up.

49. … swallowing your pride.

50. … shopping for him his favorite candy bar just because.

51. … still thinking about him years later.

52. … feeling nervous when you meet his friends.

53. … hugging his mother for the first time.

54. … popping that zit on his back.

55. … catching his eyes when you’re putting on makeup in the mirror.

56. … a disaster.

57. … your undoing.

58. … fighting as hard as you may to stay awake just to be together a short while longer.

59. … all there is.

60. Love is why we’re here. 

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