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3 ways to use WhatsApp to sell online

3 ways to use WhatsApp to sell online
3 ways to use WhatsApp to sell online

Do you think that WhatsApp is just an app to send and receive messages outside of business? If you think that’s the case, it’s because you do not know that you can exploit this tool to sell as if it were a page or website. To achieve this, we must take some things into account, because a false step can be a closed door that promises many things in favor.

WhatsApp has won awards as the most widely used instant messaging service worldwide, and this standard is ideal for using those figures in favor of the business or company. The more people are in a medium, the more possibilities there will be for the sales strategy to have results. Next, you will see 3 of those effective methods to sell or offer products and services by WhatsApp.

Through a message to a specific group

If you do not want your contacts or potential customers to delete the chat as soon as you are sending it, it is recommended that the first words be attractive, but not to the extent of having to fall into the temptation of placing words in the style of The best offer of your life or things like that . Write an accurate message with that touch of emotions. Ensure that information is effective, of added value and that it attracts the attention of the reader from beginning to end.

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This method is usually used when you expect the user or client to ask more about a product, and where you do not have how to teach the information through a website.

To increase efficiency, groups of people interested in specific products can be created, and soon members will be silenced, so that they will work in a similar way to the Telegram channels, where one person sends a message and the rest only consults, without participating writing.

To create such groups it is important to disclose them in the right place, or to invite people who buy a specific item. In this way, if someone buys some shoes in our store, we can invite you to be part of the group “shoes of my store”, where we will indicate news and promotions.

Through precise voice notes

If you write what you are going to say in the message, you have good speaking techniques and contact through auditory means is your thing, then this strategy is for you. If there are many users or clients, you can issue a single message for everyone. On the other hand, if we talk about potential clients but in smaller amounts, you can go through the individual treatment.

With direct purchase links

If you have a website that allows you to purchase products or services directly, you can link a shopping link in which the user can see the most important information of it, at the same time you can buy it if you want . Focus on an image that really stands out, inaccurate information, and an elegant design at a general level.

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We are sure that if you implement these 3 sales techniques by WhatsApp you can see effective results for your company or business. It simply offers quality information, great looking images, and products that are worth paying.

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