2 Simple fixes for parsing the JPEG data error in photoshop


Today I am gonna show you how to fix PhotoShop error which is “ Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the JPEG data”.

I going to show you 2 best solution to fix this issue in less than 2 min. One for Single image and another one if your have many problematic images so you can fix all images at a single time.

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When i try to open this image in Photoshop. This error will pop up.

2 Simple fixes for parsing the JPEG data error in photoshop


For the single image, the solution is very simple & easy.

You just need to open this image in PAINT which is built in window’s application.

And save it by pressing ctrl+s. THAT IT. Problem solved.

Now if you open this image in Photoshop. It will open without any error.

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And the 2nd solution is for the problem when you have many problematic images to be fixed at once.

For that, You just need to download xnConvert from xnsoft : http://www.xnview.com/en/ Which is Free and very powerful for performing batch actions.

You can download for any platform. And after installing it, Open the XNConvert and convert all jpeg to your desired format and click convert.

Now all of your’s corrupted images are Fixed with this one simple batch process.

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