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11 hours – this is all you need to break the iPhone’s 6-digit code

11 hours - this is all you need to break the iPhone's 6-digit code
11 hours – this is all you need to break the iPhone’s 6-digit code
Nowadays, we want the smartphone to be the safest device we have. It turns out, however, that even the iPhone, which was indicated as one of the safest phones, can be hacked in a few hours.

It takes 11 hours to break iPhone security

The US security services are in possession of the GrayKey device, which apparently breaks the security of the iPhones. For an unlimited possibility of such activities you have to pay about 30 thousand dollars. Apparently, GrayKey is able to break the 6-digit security code for Apple phones in about 11 hours. Longer codes can extend this process, but the device is effective.

Analyzing GrayKey, Matthew Green, a cryptographer at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, says the device can cope with a 4-digit code in about six and a half minutes, with a maximum time of only 13 minutes.

The device uses an exploit, which bypasses the security protocols of Apple, its company implemented in its phones. It is about security that allows the user to wait a certain amount of time before re-entering the password after the system registers several unsuccessful attempts to log into the smartphone and possibly the possibility of cleaning the phone.

How to basically protect your phone?

First, definitely turn on the code mentioned above. Maybe GrayKey can deal with him, but it will certainly help you to protect yourself from the contents of the phone by strangers, who at best will simply want to bury him when you leave him somewhere on the table, to the thieves who will take him . It is also worth considering the setting of a longer password, preferably instead of just the numbers add letters, which will certainly increase the level of security of the device, and GrayKey will have much more work. It’s also worth considering enabling the phone content erasure feature when an unauthorized person performs too many unsuccessful login attempts. There is of course a chance that you will delete the data yourself (I know such people), but if the smartphone contains sensitive data or information, it is worth to protect against possible leakage in this way. Unless, of course, such pictures, for example, do not go to the cloud of Apple – it was the reason for the leakage of nude pictures of celebrities, about which time it was loud.

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Apparently, there are no safeguards that can not be broken and even on YouTube you will see many such attempts, unfortunately successful. Cheating the fingerprint scanner, unlocking the phone with a printed photo – there are a whole bunch of ideas on how to cheat security systems in smartphones. The truth is that if someone has knowledge and opportunities, and for that very much wants to get there, he will rather do it. The best way, besides of course turning on available security, will be to look after your phone. I have not discovered America, right?

This is also a very interesting thing. Look – we used to block our Nokia by holding the button. Actually, it was only in this blockade that the phone would inadvertently not ring somewhere alone pressed in his pocket. In times when the conversation cost her, it was the biggest problem of the phone owner. Of course, besides the theft and possible calling of everything from the card or by calling the bill on the subscription number. And I do not hide that it did not bother me, I took care of the phone – that was enough. Then the characters blocking the screen became popular, although most of the friends wrote on the screen the letter Z – with a good eye and after two or three times they remembered the pattern, so getting through friends on the table phone was not difficult.

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It is also worth considering whether the smartphone is surely the best place to hold sensitive data. It is quite difficult these days – the phone is a device that is so present in the life that it replaces, for example, an ordinary camera. And that means that we will also keep in his memory photos, which we do not necessarily want to show everyone. I pay by phone using a fingerprint reader (Android Pay … I’m sorry Google Pay), a smartphone protected by a fingerprint (and a fingerprint in a banking application) is therefore a device that somehow allows me to get to my account. The phone is also an authentication token for banking transactions, in the end verification emails come to the phone number. I log in with Steam on Steam or Facebook. The smartphone is plugged into the Google documents and drive, where people hold more or less important documents. So when we decide for ourselves that the smartphone becomes a device on which we collect important data, information and files, we should make every effort to ensure that the device does not fall into the wrong hands. Most teeth sharpening at him are more likely to sell, but one should not forget that after all, data is also important outside the equipment itself.

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graphics: grinvalds / Depositphotos

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